The Only Way to Heaven

I don’t know about you, but if I visit a doctor when I know something is wrong with me, I ask him to “give it to me straight, Doctor.” After all, it’s my body and I deserve to have the facts. More than that, I want him to keep it simple. ...

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A Seeker's Story

Stephen was brought up in a religious home and learned about God at a young age. Yet there was still something missing and he set out on a journey to find the truth. He gave up trying and was ready to take his own life. Instead he decided to go to a church, any church. He walked into a church he drove by and there he met the only person who could provide him the answers he was looking for. That person is Jesus!

Schedule of Meetings

The following is a list of our regular services. On the occasion of holidays or special events, the schedule may vary.

9:30 AM The Lord's Supper

11:00 AM Family Bible Hour and Sunday School

6:00 PM Prayer and Evening Bible Hour

7:00 PM Bible Study